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We’re glad
to see you back



Open up your eyes, let the sun climb through your window
📷 @nik_v4
🔴 #wemakeevents 🔴
Tonight we turn our building red in solidarity with the We Make Events movement.
We are a music venue, our events make us what we are and currently like everywhere else we can’t host any. This has a huge knock on effect to the people that work behind the scenes to make these events we all love happen. From sound engineers to crew, artist liaisons to production suppliers, merch sellers to show reps and everyone in between, all have been left with no work and very little in the way of support. It is imperative that this industry is given the support it needs. This is situation in now a red alert and we call for the government to take action to ensure our industry is still there once all this is over. YES x
If you're bored
right out of your mind
If you're lookin'
for a partner in crime
Call on me 
📷 by @joydividing
“In a world of Yes Men, I’ll be a No Woman, thanks”
Signed to Geoff Barrow's label and already pals with Sleaford Mods, Tor Maries has just unleashed her debut LP as @iambillynomates, and she plays The Basement on 4th February. Tickets on sale now.
Don't let the sun blast your shadow 
Don't let the milk float ride your mind 
📷 by @el.o.is.e